Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to write faster? Un13xs

Feed: Digital Point
Posted on: Sunday, July 28, 2013 19:06
Author: thomasedison896
Subject: How to write faster?


I worked at Groupon for two years, and we had to complete each advertorial in 45 minutes, including research, editing HTML, little bits and bobs that just take up time.

I can only tell you that two years of 8 hour days trying to complete 10 pieces of copy took its toll, but it was also the constant robotic workload that gave me the start to professional writing that I needed.

So, I know this is annoyingly obvious, but practice is just the key. Get 10 short briefs, give yourself constant deadlines for 7-8 hours (or however hard you want to push yourself), and do this for a prolonged period of time if you have the time to spare (a week should do it).

After putting yourself through that, it will probably come naturally to you to write fast, even if you're not under pressure. Also, if you're writing about the same kind of topic often, it helps to create a bank of key phrases and words to fall back on when you aren't at your most creative. Hope that helps a little bit.