Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Powerful Exhange - Unlimited Auto Surf Addon (Miscellaneous) - Un13xs

This Unlimited Auto Surf addon works amazing!! Actually rocketed my site traffic instantly.

Guaranteed to make your PES Site – Take off into Orbit.

Normally when a visitor vists your site and uses auto surf, you may increase your sites stats by a few dozen surf views.

With the Unlimited Auto Surf Addon. This will increase your site traffic to Hundreds and Thousands of surf views. Essentially turning your PES Script into an Auto Hits Surf Script, and making it come alive.

Make your PES Site really MOVE!! *This also works fantastically with the Active Counter Addon You can see this in action on the demo site main page.

This Addon Dramatically increases the effectiveness of the Powerful Exchange System Script.

FEATURES INCLUDE - Auto Surf Limit is now Unlimited - Once all auto surf sites have been displayed it automatically loops - New Simple Layout. - Shows your current coins, and how much you earn for the page view - Highlighted note to users to also earn coins through referrals. - Extremely quick & easy installation

Compatible with: – Powerful Exchange System – Powerful Exchange System v2

May work, but has not been tested with: – PES Pro